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How big, how blue, how did I miss You Got the Dirtee Love?

Florence and the Machine at the Commodore, April 14 2010. Lana Maytak photo.

Florence and the Machine‘s new album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful, was released last week. To help build giddy anticipation, my editor at asked for a piece on the UK band, as part of the site’s Where to Start With… series.

Writing the piece was fun, and a crash-course in all things Florence. I’d been on-board with the first album, Lungs, but kind of lost track subsequently, so I enjoyed catching up on tracks from the second record, as well as the early singles from the new record and non-album tracks like the Calvin Harris and Dizzee Rascal collabs (especially the latter).

Check out the piece, which includes videos for the above tracks plus a bunch more, at

I was also reminded of the time I saw Florence and the Machine, five years ago at the Commodore here in Vancouver. Reading over my review, I see some things I like (the thing about asking her to follow me on Twitter), and some not so much (“soulful pop juggernauts” is one of those pop-music-reviewer-type phrases that always make me cringe when I encounter them in my own writing). The pics, by Lana Maytak, are pretty good, and capture the spirit of the show, I think.

Florence and the Machine at the Commodore, April 14 2010. Lana Maytak photo.

You can see the review and photos at

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