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Author: Shawn Conner

6 amazing Japanese bands, a once-in-a-lifetime chance and a bargain price

Koutei Camera Girl publicity image. Next Music from Tokyo Vol 11.
Koutei Camera Girl, an idol group from the Japanese underground. A new incarnation (Koutei Camera Girl Drei) featuring all new members is coming to Vancouver with Next Music from Tokyo Vol. 11. There were no pictures of the lineup available at press time.

Next Music from Tokyo promoter Steven Tanaka on idol music, female bands in Japan, and drinking with the boss

Vancouver Film Fest Altered States entry not quite ‘a bloodthirsty headbirth’

Animals (Tiere), directed by Greg Zglinski
Mona Petri does double-time in the reality-shredding Animals. The film is part of the 2017 Vancouver International Film Festival’s Altered States program.

Animals, screening as part of VIFF’s 2017 Altered States series, has one truly memorable WTF? moment. But there’s more to the Greg Zglinski head-spinner than that