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The Con Artist goes to San Diego Comic-Con so you don’t have to


The Con ArtistThe Con Artist by Fred Van Lente
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A breezy, wry look at the life of a comic-book artist in the age of the San Diego Comic-Con.

The mystery that propels the plot is interesting enough, but what I really enjoyed were Van Lente’s insider takes (he’s a comic book writer himself) on comic conventions in general and the big one in San Diego in particular. Comics fans will appreciate this aspect of the book the most I think, and those who don’t know Miles Morales from Peter Parker (hint: they’re both Spider-Man) will enjoy learning about an experience that, God willing, they’ll never have to take part in themselves.

Also: really liked the supporting character Sebastian Mod, (lovingly?) modeled after a certain eccentric, Magik-practicing Scottish comic-book writer…

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