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Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince?

Screen captures of actresses Ellie Wood Walker, Linda Harrison and Hope Summers in the Greenway Productions and Warner Bros. production of Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince?

You will be, after watching this clip from an aborted 1967 attempt to bring Wonder Woman to TV

With a new Wonder Woman film dropping in early June, what better time to dig into the superheroine’s somewhat sordid past – including this five-minute clip from an aborted 1967 TV series, Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince? featuring the DC Comics character and her human alter ego.

As you’ll see, it looks like the makers of the series are going for a similar tone to the 60s Batman TV show, right down to using the same narrator (William Dozier, also that show’s Executive Producer – so maybe he was behind Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince?).

This is full-on camp, from the sub-sitcom dialogue between Diana’s mom and Diana:

“Eat your roughage.”

“But the fate of the free world depends on me!”

… to the stock silent-movie-comedy music and the silly sound effects towards the end of the five-minute clip when Diana/Wonder Woman starts to, uhm, fly I think.

It starts Linda Harrison in the title role, before she went on to play the character Nova in the first two Planet of the Apes movies.

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