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Lambert & Stamp and the secret history of The Who



Watched Lambert & Stamp last week in anticipation of my interview with the director for If you haven’t heard of it – that is, if you don’t attend film festivals or aren’t a fan of The Who – it’s a documentary about the managers behind the big-time rock band. Myself, I’m not the biggest Who fanatic in the world – although I did see them in Minneapolis for the first of their many farewell tours – but this behind-the-scenes story is nuts.

Basically, Chris Stamp and Kit Lambert had little in common; Stamp was working-class and hetero, Lambert posh and gay. But both loved movies, and in the swingin’ early sixties decided the best way to break into the business was to find a rock band, follow them around and film them and turn the footage into a movie.

What they found was The Who (then playing as The High Numbers). And that movie never got made… or, maybe, this is that movie, just made by someone else.

Anyway, check out my interview with James Cooper, the director of Lambert & Stamp, for some thoughts on the doc and especially his friend Chris Stamp, who sounds like he was quite a character.


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