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Obscure Canadian vocal-pop group featured actor Victor Garber

Sugar Shoppe comic strip bio
Sugar Shoppe (1967-1970) album cover. Victor Garber is second from the left.

The Sugar Shoppe comic strip bio

The Sugar Shoppe was a sixties flower-pop band that came together in Toronto. The quartet modelled themselves after the Mamas and Papas. They formed in 1967 and split in 1970.

The act included Victor Garber. Garber is better known as a character actor. He has appeared in numerous movies, including Argo, and TV shows, including Alias with Jennifer Garner.

I had never heard of the band before seeing a copy of a reissue of the group’s only full-length album at a local record store. Cherry Red Records reissued the self-titled album in 2013.

I was intrigued enough to want to learn more. When I did, I wrote and drew this comic strip bio of the band.

The Sugar Shoppe comic strip bio
The Sugar Shoppe 1967-1970, by Shawn Conner.

Click on image for full, almost readable, size. Thanks!

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