In this Sunday’s New York Times – Purity Ring, Jian Ghomeshi and the mighty Moxy Fruvous

Purity Ring concert photo

Purity Ring at Electric Owl, Vancouver Sept 7 2011. Robyn Hanson photo

Invariably, every Sunday I scan the New York Times, alert for Canadian content, especially in the Arts section.

In today’s paper (Sunday July 22) I was rewarded with not one but two finds. The first was pleasant  – a q-and-a with Megan James and Corrin Roddick of the band Purity Ring. This was gratifying partly because I saw the duo perform last fall with YACHT here in Vancouver, and also because we have a set of photos from that show on my own music and culture site,

The other horn of this Canadian content is a feature story on CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi. I won’t go into this piece anymore than to quote the author of the piece, John Schwartz, who writes that Ghomeshi’s former band Moxy Fruvous “specialized in wordy, witty and often political songs…”

I’m afraid I have to take exception to the word “witty.” From the group’s name to this song and video, I think “witty” is the last word I’d use.

Video – Moxy Fruvous, “Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors”:


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