If You Don’t Stop It You’ll Go Blind


I find with this blog more and more I revisit my teenhood, or thereabouts… I remember as a kid (11 or 12) flipping through the daily newspaper (the Winnipeg Free Press) and looking at the movie ads. One in particular caught my eye; I distinctly remember looking at a small black & white ad with this image for the 1974 movie If You Don’t Stop It… You’ll Go Blind!!! I always wanted to see beyond the Snidely Whiplash-type mustache twirler…

If You Don't Stop It You'll Go Blind!!! movie poster image

I still haven’t seen this movie to this day, but maybe it’s time to seek it out. According to Flixster.com, If You Don’t Stop It… You’ll Go Blind!!! is “An hilarious sketch-style comedy in the style of Carry On, featuring profane old ladies, impotent men, gay cowboys, sex contests, extremely unfaithful husbands and wives and just about anything else to do with sex imaginable. The film’s highlight is the gorgeous Swedish model Uschi Digard,who somehow manages to get unclothed in every single sketch she stars in.”


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