San Diego Comic-Con costumes


As a first-timer, my favourite thing about the San Diego Comic-Con was probably the costumes.

It’s not just that there were so many wonderful, creative and sexy outfits (I’ll always have a thing for Zatanna and her fishnets), but there were some that were just so outlandish and obscure that I was continuously doing a double-take. Probably one of my favourites was Plastic Man. There were dozens if not hundreds of Green Lanterns. But Plastic Man?

Apparently though at least one person went too far – or so the police thought. I watched as two San Diego cops accompanied Adrianne Curry to her booth. Rather, they were following her butt – the former America’s Next Top Model model’s bum cheeks were hanging out of her Aeon Flux outfit. I didn’t see what happened next, but according to Gawker she was asked to leave until she came back as a more respectable Flux. (Curry has a reputation for dressing up in ways to make the fanboys drool – see this gallery of Adrianne Curry’s best Comic-Con costumes.)

Anyway, here are a few shots I took. For every one I got, though, there were another 10 I didn’t, and probably should have. Enjoy.


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