Weird Vancouver – Xtra!’s anal entree


Xtra newsstand box Vancouver

Now, I’m the last person to give a flying you-know-what about the sensibilities of small children and old people. But even I have to wonder what the editors of Xtra!, a weekly catering to Vancouver’s LGBT population, were thinking when they decided to make this their cover story.

Not only is it not news – last I checked, people have been having anal sex since, oh, the dawn of time – but it’s also in-your-face offensive to people who maybe don’t really want to know about your first time going through the back door, whether you be man woman or sheep.

I think even Herb, the owner of the gym to which I belong and who once danced under the name “Thunderbird”, might find the latest cover of the weekly on the borderline of good taste and/or common sense (note: I’m not sure how long the “X” has been on this particular box, which is located outside the London Drugs on East Hastings nr. Nanaimo – if someone drew it after this issue hit the stands, or before):

Xtra newsstand box Vancouver

Anyway, we’ve come up with some suggestions for future Xtra! cover stories:

Amuse bouche – a felching pro’s tips

Up to my elbows – fisting for beginners

Walk it off – a size-queen’s confessions

Stanley Park – not just for nature-lovers


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