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Big pharma gets its comeuppance in Love and Other Drugs

Two pervs at the movies—Love and Other Drugs
Anne Hathaway and Jake what’s-his-name post-sex in Love and Other Drugs.

Two pervs at the movies—Love and Other Drugs

This was the perfect movie for the Two Pervs.

For one thing, it stars Anne Hathaway. For another, it was a masterpiece of a script compared to Burlesque, which we’d seen the day before. Uhm, for a third thing… Anne Hathaway.

We watched Love and Other Drugs at the same tawdry discount theatre as Burlesque, too. Cinema City is very un-cinema and not urban at all. It is in a shopping mall near my parents’ house in the North End of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Love and Other Drugs starts off with a backroom tryst. But it’s not until about the, oh, ten-minute mark before we first see Anne Hathaway’s left boob. A few minutes later though she and Jake Gyllenhaal are getting it on, and we’re treated to a few steamy sex scenes and some nice nude shots of Ms Hathaway, one of which prompted 77-year-old bachelor Uncle M. to declare: “What a broad. Fantastic.”

Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs
“What a broad. Fantastic.” Anne Hathaway in Love and Other Drugs.

And so Love and Other Drugs gets an eight on the perv-o-metre.

(The rest of the movie is actually pretty good for a romantic comedy circa 2010. It’s by Ed Zwick and Michael Herzkowitz, mainly, the team behind thirtysomething, which hasn’t aged well but is still a fun time capsule.)

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  1. Pervette Pervette

    With no disrespect to Miss Hathaway, what about us female pervs? Any full frontals of Mr. Jyllen… Gyllan.. Gyllenhaal? Curious minds are lying awake at night eyeing that drawer at arm’s reach…

  2. Deacon Deacon

    Go Anne!!! And this is the next Catwoman! No wonder its called the Dark Knight Rises! Who wouldn’t?!

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