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Zurich photo essay 2009 pt 2


Bierhalle Wolf

When: Thursday night, May 21

Where: Bierhalle Wolf

Why: I loved the name of this place. We were coming home from somewhere, maybe dinner after looking at a place for the Twister in the Langstrasse area. (This was the day she’d lost her key; see previous entry “For a good time in Zurich…”) Probably a little drunk, at least drunk enough to duck our heads into this tourist trap. A few days before, I’d seen someone onstage playing an alphorn, which is like a Swiss didgeridoo.


When: Friday May 22

Where: Zurich street corner

Why: These giant plantholders, each customized by a different artist, were popping up all over the city. I liked this one because of the eyeball, and the American underground comix influence. Nerd alert!


When: Saturday May 23

Where: somewhere in Switzerland

Why: We wanted to get out of town so we took the train to Montreux. Naturally, we got on the wrong train at some point, and missed part of the scenic route. This is the part we didn’t miss.

full wp-image-5059″ src=”” alt=”Freddie M statue” width=”480″ height=”640″ />

When: Saturday night

Where: Montreux

Why: Beats me. That is, it beats me why there’s a statue of Queen singer Freddie Mercury anywhere, never mind Montreux. But there it is. We will rock you.

hotel terrace

When: Sunday morning, May 24

Where: the terrace of our Montreux hotel

Why: nice hotel, great breakfast, but what a view; Lake Geneva in all its glory, in perfect weather. Beautiful.


When: Monday May 25, a.m.

Where: the view from the Texas Twister’s tiny apartment

Why: Feeling sentimental, sniff sniff, as it was my last day. This is the view I enjoyed often over the 10 days; that’s a grocery store, Migros, by the way. During the day, people sit on benches outside. Luggage on the cobblestones in the morning is noisy. This was a party street, so there was lots of drunken shouting at all hours of the night. I loved it.

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